There Are All Kinds of Mistakes

There are great, small and middling mistakes and we all make all of them at some point.  Yesterday Kathy Griffin, now formerly of CNN, displayed and ISIS style effigy of the severed head of POTUS.

She is allowed to say, display and think whatever she wants.  That doesn’t mean that her act is free of consequences.  One consequence is that CNN,  has fired her.  Good move, albeit late.  They waited to see if there would be blowback.  There was.

Her career is over.  Presumably this would have been the case irrespective of the stupid classless choice of themes.  Presumably, this was just a stunt to reanimate the corpse of her code blue career.

The reanimation did not work.

Bring the body to the morgue.

It Takes a Pillage – or Why Liberals are Really Totalitarians

It takes a pillage
This title was chosen as a direct, ironic counterpoint to the often proffered leftist maxim of, “It takes an entire village to raise a child”.  While it is true that not all knowledge that comprises a human’s storehouse of valuable wisdom is rarely attained from one single source, this concept opens the door to the destruction of the primacy of parentage as the predominant source of learning.  It is the thin end of the wedge which will inevitably open the door to a usurpation of that primal role by those lacking the basic connection of blood and family.  If that is true, one may ask, “what then is the endgame of those who do believe that it takes a village.”?

Totalitarianism is the word which best describes that goal although even its proponents would not ascribe to it such a tainted moniker.

Language, and especially its precise usage, is very important.  Mixing contexts or coloring meanings of words is not simply sloppy but is used in many cases to intentionally attenuate the meaning, the substance and the impact of language to persuade rather than to inform.  Whiile being a fine rhetorical tactic, it is hardly fair or benign if the goal is truth. Many conflate words like totalitarianism, fascism and Nazism but each of these ism’s has its own distinct meaning.  While fascism is a system in which the state controls the economy through force, totalitarianism is the total centralized control of all four pillars of society by force. [quigley]

So, lets look at the left’s reaction to the lawful election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the USA.

We see demonstrations which deny reality. We see a refusal to accept the validated election results. We see a determination to shut down the free speech of those with contrary opinions with violence. We see mobs paid for by the former president and billionaire foreigners who see their illegitimate influence slipping away.

The left has moved very far from the liberal ethos with which I was raised in the ’50s, 60’s and 70’s. In my youth the left rightly embraced anti-war themes as a reaction to the illegal Vietnam war. They gave a pass to the “peace prize” winning Obama for his mass murder of civilians in the Mideast with over 100k drone strikes. The left has been long associated with environmental protection but the loudest voices against geoengineering and anthropomorphic climate change is now coming mainly from the right. I point this out simply to show that the agendas of groups are not fixed. They tend to change with the agendas of their leaders, or in this case mis-leaders.

The main point is that many people never notice what David Icke terms the “totalitarian tiptoe”. That slow march of manipulated change which lands in a different place entirely than where one assumed he was going. The democratic party, the establishment bastion of the center left in the US, has moved away from the purported ideals of the 60’s. In fact, the 60’s was yet another phase in the ever changing face of the democratic party. Most democrats do not know that the democrats were the party of the KKK. Modern youngsters can be forgiven that lack of knowledge as it has been effectively memory-holed. When Hillary, for example, praised her mentor, Robert Byrd, she neglected to inform her democratic acolytes that he was a Grand Dragon of the KKK. Bill Clinton poo pooed this when later confronted with a question about it but could hardly deny it.

Since we as humans suffer universally under “confirmation bias”, that tendency to believe what we have always believed without revision, is a tendency that the manipulating class has used, and still uses effectively.

The few people who really are courageous enough to question their core beliefs and are able to revise them are rare.
They refer to themselves as “awake”. This can be seen as similar to a religious awakening which is also an epiphany as to how reality really works as compared to ones previously held dogmatic beliefs.

This awakening cannot be forced on people. Each individual must desire this.

The concept referred to in the title, It takes a Village, is seen by the indoctrinated as a compassionate appeal to the general preference toward collectivism as opposed to individual liberty and to the beneficial nature of “outsourcing” traditional familial relationships to the ‘community’.

Given the nature of groups, especially political groups, the bundling of concepts, positions and even morals leads to an amalgamation of themes which do not naturally belong together. Why for instance should a belief that “all corporations are usurious” be unquestioningly linked with the belief that “all children will be best served with a forced national school curriculum”? It is obvious that these two subjects need not be linked in any way but are in fact linked when one accepts “the Party Line”, regardless of which party on aligns oneself with.

When one is ‘awake’, one sees this, and other, flaws in the system into which we are born. This is not a party conflict it is a system conflict. Most people who are awake to the reality of the manipulated political milieu has verified this question by going outside of the predicated history most are force fed in their youth.

We have read authors like Carroll Quigley, Joe Plummer who have written about the “Network” which exists above these manufactured control structures of the democrat and republican parties. We have read Anthony Sutton who documents the tides of history from this loftier perspective. We have read “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”, which shed light on the True nature and goals of American hegemony and violence in the world.

The majority of people currently promoting illegal and unconstitutional means to effect political change are useful idiots. Useful to the corrupt lot which is seeing their power being attenuated via the Trump Revolution. If they were genuinely honest they would not be promoting violence but would have rational arguments and real political engagement.

Banning the opinions of another group is not the way forward for anyone. This is the pillage that is currently taking place. Whether the “safe spaces” on college campuses across the country or the Obama / Soros sponsored violence this is illegal activity and should be reprehensible to anyone who rightly vilifies Nazism, Fascism or any other ism which tries to force an official opinion on anyone, however reprehensible one personally finds that opinion.

The right to express one’s opinion is our highest and most basic right and it is wise to remember that banning the speech of another will hurt you as much as them when the political tide changes.

The Way Forward is a Steep Path

Now that we have closely avoided another in a series of oligarch political victories we have to soberly assess the realities which remain.

There is some cleanup to do and some indictments to hand down but that should be pretty much running on its own. I am not one to gloat on the setbacks of others but in the case of the Clintons and their high crimes I can almost understand the sentiment. I say, let the new justice dept. do its work and do it well to prevent the spread of elitist crimes. Judge not.

We have other concerns which are unavoidable and serious.

The economic and financial situation that will be inherited by a Trump administration are grave and deep. Most people are unaware as the current administration has done everything in its power to mask the lack of growth with all manner of obfuscation. That the economic problems of 2008 were not fixed is a gross understatement. They were injected with steroids in the form of free cash injections to the very criminals who caused the problem then.

The upshot of that is an enormous bubble of debt. Like all debt, this is expected to be paid back. It will not be. It will not be because those who are required to pay it back find themselves in the awkward position of not being liquid enough to do so. Those massive debts are owed by YOU.

You did not sign anything, but no problem, your politicians did it for you. There will be a time when the TRILLIONS in derivatives ( a further bet on that debt that you owe) will come due. They too will be unable to be paid off. When this, and the bond debt comes due, liquidity will cease. Banks will pull up the drawbridges and bankers will stop returning the calls of their colleagues. Your ATM will not answer your calls for a bit of grocery money and you will be up shit creek and no paddle to borrow.

A similar situation will occur when insurance and fund companies and municipalities will be forced to close their retirement funds due to the choking effects of years of NIRP and ZIRP. This is already happening.

Remember Enron? Well this will be several orders of magnitude worse because it will be communities, schools, retirement funds (private and public) which will be broke. There will be no one to bail them out.

the entire keynesian farce will unravel leaving many millions of human fish gulping for air on the hot beach. You have been sold down the river but the compliant media refused to spill the beans for fear of losing access or because their sponsors were too busy cashing in on the free money.

Well the party will soon be over, the hangover will begin and the banksters will waltz off to their bunkers hoping you will all starve before you realize who robbed you.

Donald Trump will be left holding the card although he was not the creator of this inevitable mess.

I hope he plays it well. The banksters will only offer their SDR savior card after a significant amount of pain , death and destruction have been doled out to show you how bad it can get.

Their solution is always slavery and continued ownership of the money supply. This is a false hope and will end as badly next time as this time.

An American Victory

Donald Trump just became the 45th president elect of the USA.

In usual fashion, his conciliatory words to his opponent came immediately and appeared to be sincere. Unusually, his opponent, Hillary Clinton, demurred to give a speech acknowledging her defeat. That says mountains.

While a period of healing naturally and correctly follows a democratic struggle that healing is and should be aimed at the supporters of the losing party but does not extend itself to criminal behavior including lies.

Given the presumed elitist agenda to destroy the constitution and to further hollow out the United States we owe it to the meaning of justice to go after her with all legal means. The Clinton Foundation is on its face an illegal money laundering and pay for access cartel. This must be investigated and if found to be illegal and even treasonous prosecutions should follow.

Legitimate whistle-blowers like Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange must be pardoned immediately. If Obama does not do this then he should at least be impeached which is now very possible.

Global criminals and manipulators like George Soros must be brought to justice. RICO laws were invented for such animals.

I am all for healing wounds if it will bring us forward. Many of those who supported Hillary were misinformed because they were misled by Hillary and the major media outlets. I can forgive the victims of this but not the perpetrators. Laws must be passed to ban corporate monopolistic consolidation of state licensed media, which the MSM is. You get a license to use a particular frequency, you have a public duty as a member of the fourth estate.

Now lets get to work.

Tom in Germany

My General Perspective

I’ve been on this planet since 1958. I was born into a post-war booming economy as a second generation American of Irish descent.

While not extraordinarily privileged, in the currently politically correct sense, I have, since my youngest days, literally thanked god, that I was born in the time and place that I was. My father was an elevator operator at the time of my untimely birth (in an elevator: not his). His income was between $20-$30 per week at the time; a shockingly low sum even given the strength of the dollar back then.

He had made some pretty bad decisions in his youth, joining the army instead of taking the offered free ride at Boston College due to his natural speed of foot. Nevertheless, after returning from a stint in Germany he buckled down, began to study and to raise a family. There was hope back then that with application and energy one could better ones’ circumstances with the honest application of energy and will. That hope was not misplaced.

He worked himself up to a relatively high position within the telephone monopoly of the day and his children enjoyed a big house with an ocean view and a pretty good pubic school education.

Since I can remember I have been a skeptic. In catechism class I was unsettled by the gap between the churches view on things and those forwarded by the school. With my parents, a shallow answer was never enough and they thankfully provided me with answers to the best of their ability despite my being only one of their six charges.

In school the situation was similar. I’m certain that were I now matriculated into the school system I would most certainly be convicted of have some disorder or other which would require some pharmacological agent to correct my behaviour. Back then I was simply ‘energetic’ or ‘bored’ or ‘distracted’. I do not envy the teachers who had to put up with me back then. That said, I was never one who supported the systemic square-peg-in-a-round-hole philosophy which was, and is, part and parcel of the federal school system.

The best teachers I have had, in and out of school, were those who challenged ME to think more deeply. I was quickly bored with the rote learning proscribed by the system and the unimaginative regurgitation which was subsidized there. My favorite classes were the difficult ones and a course in logic and critical thinking proved to be the most valuable in the long term.

I speak two languages well and two others passably. None of these were acquired in school but rather later via travel and interest. Curiosity is the key to all learning and knowledge is its own reward. Until now I have led a blessed life and could die happy now were it not for my curiosity about the future and my desire to give back some of what I have learned to my children and anyone else who might find resonance here.

Let the discussions begin.

First Post


this space will be used to express my views on the world.  my views are not popular and have fallen out of favor.  the clarity with which i view the events unfolding on the world stage has sharpened over the years but I embrace that fact as a positive sign of growth.

this change also represents a process of awakening from the mass psycological manipulation practiced by the global psychopaths.  i choose my words carefully, most of the time.

if i alone represent the readers here that will suffice, if not: welcome and let me know how you react to my writing.