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An American Victory

Donald Trump just became the 45th president elect of the USA.

In usual fashion, his conciliatory words to his opponent came immediately and appeared to be sincere. Unusually, his opponent, Hillary Clinton, demurred to give a speech acknowledging her defeat. That says mountains.

While a period of healing naturally and correctly follows a democratic struggle that healing is and should be aimed at the supporters of the losing party but does not extend itself to criminal behavior including lies.

Given the presumed elitist agenda to destroy the constitution and to further hollow out the United States we owe it to the meaning of justice to go after her with all legal means. The Clinton Foundation is on its face an illegal money laundering and pay for access cartel. This must be investigated and if found to be illegal and even treasonous prosecutions should follow.

Legitimate whistle-blowers like Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange must be pardoned immediately. If Obama does not do this then he should at least be impeached which is now very possible.

Global criminals and manipulators like George Soros must be brought to justice. RICO laws were invented for such animals.

I am all for healing wounds if it will bring us forward. Many of those who supported Hillary were misinformed because they were misled by Hillary and the major media outlets. I can forgive the victims of this but not the perpetrators. Laws must be passed to ban corporate monopolistic consolidation of state licensed media, which the MSM is. You get a license to use a particular frequency, you have a public duty as a member of the fourth estate.

Now lets get to work.

Tom in Germany

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