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The Way Forward is a Steep Path

Now that we have closely avoided another in a series of oligarch political victories we have to soberly assess the realities which remain.

There is some cleanup to do and some indictments to hand down but that should be pretty much running on its own. I am not one to gloat on the setbacks of others but in the case of the Clintons and their high crimes I can almost understand the sentiment. I say, let the new justice dept. do its work and do it well to prevent the spread of elitist crimes. Judge not.

We have other concerns which are unavoidable and serious.

The economic and financial situation that will be inherited by a Trump administration are grave and deep. Most people are unaware as the current administration has done everything in its power to mask the lack of growth with all manner of obfuscation. That the economic problems of 2008 were not fixed is a gross understatement. They were injected with steroids in the form of free cash injections to the very criminals who caused the problem then.

The upshot of that is an enormous bubble of debt. Like all debt, this is expected to be paid back. It will not be. It will not be because those who are required to pay it back find themselves in the awkward position of not being liquid enough to do so. Those massive debts are owed by YOU.

You did not sign anything, but no problem, your politicians did it for you. There will be a time when the TRILLIONS in derivatives ( a further bet on that debt that you owe) will come due. They too will be unable to be paid off. When this, and the bond debt comes due, liquidity will cease. Banks will pull up the drawbridges and bankers will stop returning the calls of their colleagues. Your ATM will not answer your calls for a bit of grocery money and you will be up shit creek and no paddle to borrow.

A similar situation will occur when insurance and fund companies and municipalities will be forced to close their retirement funds due to the choking effects of years of NIRP and ZIRP. This is already happening.

Remember Enron? Well this will be several orders of magnitude worse because it will be communities, schools, retirement funds (private and public) which will be broke. There will be no one to bail them out.

the entire keynesian farce will unravel leaving many millions of human fish gulping for air on the hot beach. You have been sold down the river but the compliant media refused to spill the beans for fear of losing access or because their sponsors were too busy cashing in on the free money.

Well the party will soon be over, the hangover will begin and the banksters will waltz off to their bunkers hoping you will all starve before you realize who robbed you.

Donald Trump will be left holding the card although he was not the creator of this inevitable mess.

I hope he plays it well. The banksters will only offer their SDR savior card after a significant amount of pain , death and destruction have been doled out to show you how bad it can get.

Their solution is always slavery and continued ownership of the money supply. This is a false hope and will end as badly next time as this time.

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