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It Takes a Pillage – or Why Liberals are Really Totalitarians AmRev2.0

It takes a pillage

This title was chosen as a direct, ironic counterpoint to the often proffered leftist maxim of, “It takes an entire village to raise a child”.  While it is true that not all knowledge that comprises a human’s storehouse of valuable wisdom is rarely attained from one single source, this concept opens the door to the destruction of the primacy of parentage as the predominant source of learning.  It is the thin end of the wedge which will inevitably open the door to a usurpation of that primal role by those lacking the basic connection of blood and family.  If that is true, one may ask, “what then is the endgame of those who do believe that it takes a village.”?

Totalitarianism is the word which best describes that goal although even its proponents would not ascribe to it such a tainted moniker.

Language, and especially its precise usage, is very important.  Mixing contexts or coloring meanings of words is not simply sloppy but is used in many cases to intentionally attenuate the meaning, the substance and the impact of language to persuade and mislead rather than to inform.  While being a fine rhetorical tactic, it is hardly fair or benign if the goal is truth. Many conflate words like totalitarianism, fascism and Nazism but each of these ism’s has its own distinct meaning.  While fascism is a system in which the state controls the economy through force, totalitarianism is the total centralized control of all four pillars of society by force. [quigley]

So, lets look at the left’s reaction to the lawful election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the USA.

We see demonstrations which deny reality. We see a refusal to accept the validated election results. We see a determination to shut down the free speech of those with contrary opinions with violence. We see mobs paid for by the former president and billionaire foreigners who see that their illegitimate influence slipping away.

The left has moved very far from the liberal ethos with which I was raised in the ’50s, 60’s and 70’s. In my youth the left rightly embraced anti-war themes as a reaction to the illegal Vietnam war. They gave a pass to the “peace prize” winning Obama for his mass murder of civilians in the Mideast with over 100k drone strikes. This is called inconsistency. The left has been long associated with environmental protection but the loudest voices against geoengineering and anthropomorphic climate change is now coming mainly from the right and even the mainstream enviro groups are only greenscreens for big industry and thoroughly dependent upon those donations. Their scope of truth is thereby limited. I point this out simply to show that the agendas of groups are not fixed. They tend to change with the agendas of their leaders, or in this case mis-leaders.

The main point is that many people never notice what David Icke terms the “totalitarian tiptoe”. That slow march of manipulated change which lands in a different place entirely than where one assumed he was going. The democratic party, the establishment bastion of the center left in the US, has moved away from the purported ideals of the 60’s. In fact, the 60’s was yet another phase in the ever changing face of the democratic party. Most democrats do not know that the democrats were the party of the KKK. Modern youngsters can be forgiven that lack of knowledge as it has been effectively memory-holed. When Hillary, for example, praised her mentor, Robert Byrd, she neglected to inform her democratic acolytes that he was a Grand Dragon of the KKK. Bill Clinton poo pooed this when later confronted with a question about it but could hardly deny it. The most prized talent among most polititians is the ability to voice the hypnotic allowed phrases while constantly keeping the real agenda hidden.

Since we as humans suffer universally under “confirmation bias”, that tendency to believe what we have always believed without revision, is a tendency that the manipulating class has used, and still uses effectively. The discomfort associated with cognitive dissonance, keeps many of us in our own comfortable prisons for fear of having to revise long held, but fundamentally incoherent truths.

The few people who really are courageous enough to question their core beliefs and are able to revise them are rare.
They refer to themselves with the apt term “awake”. This can be seen as similar to a religious awakening which is also an epiphany as to how reality really works as compared to ones previously held dogmatic beliefs.

This awakening cannot be forced on people. Each individual must desire this and build the sweat equity of information and evidence.

The concept referred to in the title, It takes a Village, is seen by the indoctrinated as a compassionate appeal to the general preference toward collectivism as opposed to individual liberty and to the beneficial nature of “outsourcing” traditional familial relationships to the ‘community’.

Given the nature of groups, especially political groups, the bundling of concepts, positions and even morals leads to an amalgamation of themes which do not naturally belong together. Why for instance should a belief that “all corporations are usurious” be unquestioningly linked with the belief that “all children will be best served with a forced national school curriculum”? It is obvious that these two subjects need not be linked in any way but are in fact linked when one accepts “the Party Line”, regardless of which party on aligns oneself with. In the same way democrats feel that environmental issues are their sole property and perhaps republicans believe that the righteous stand against abortion is theirs alone.

When one is ‘awake’, one sees this, and other, flaws in the system into which we are born. This is not a party conflict it is a system conflict. Most people who are awake to the reality of the manipulated political milieu have verified this question by going outside of the predicated history most are force fed in their youth. The aggregation of such experiences moves one towards the inevitable questioning of th purveyors of misinformation.

We have read authors like Carroll Quigley, Joe Plummer who have written about the “Network” which exists above these manufactured control structures of the democrat and republican parties. We have read Anthony Sutton who documents the tides of history from this loftier perspective. We have read “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”, which shed light on the True nature and goals of American hegemony and violence in the world.

The majority of people currently promoting illegal and unconstitutional means to effect political change are useful idiots. Useful to the corrupt lot which is seeing their power being attenuated via the Trump Revolution. If they were genuinely honest they would not be promoting violence but would have rational arguments and real political engagement.

Banning the opinions of another group is not the way forward for anyone. This is the pillage that is currently taking place. Whether the “safe spaces” on college campuses across the country or the Obama / Soros sponsored violence this is illegal activity and should be reprehensible to anyone who rightly vilifies Nazism, Fascism or any other ism which tries to force an official opinion on anyone, however reprehensible one personally finds that opinion.

The right to express one’s opinion is our highest and most basic right and it is wise to remember that banning the speech of another will hurt you as much as them when the political tide changes. And remember the sage words of JFK: Those who make peaceful protest impossible, make violent conflic inevitable.

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