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There Are All Kinds of Mistakes

There are great, small and middling mistakes and we all make all of them at some point.  Yesterday Kathy Griffin, now formerly of CNN, displayed an ISIS style effigy of the severed head of POTUS.

She is allowed to say, display and think whatever she wants.  That doesn’t mean that her act is free of consequences.  One consequence is that CNN,  has fired her.  Good move, albeit late; A Bridge Too Far.  They waited, like the cowards they are, to see if there would be blowback.  There was.

Her career is over.  Presumably this would have been the case irrespective of the stupid classless choice of themes.  Presumably, this was just a stunt to reanimate the corpse of her code blue career.

The reanimation did not work.

Bring the body to the morgue.

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