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To the Cucks Out There – Islam, Feminism and YOU

This post is aimed at the remains of what used to be referred to as “MEN” in our western societies. This is not aimed at women, who but for a very small minority, are suffering under Stockholm Syndrome due to the abdication of the former “MEN” in their lives.

You “MEN” are responsible for ALL of the Islamic Terror Attacks throughout the west.  You have sold your balls to the psychotic hyper-feminist ideology.  You have traded your hormonal legacy to Apple and Android and bullshit childrens’ games instead of doing a man’s job of protecting his family and community.

The “Vagina Argument” has been used to help you justify your acquiescence and beta behavior.  It was argued to me during that last election that: “the men have been running and ruling for so long that its time that a woman grabs the wheel.”

That is the “Vagina Argument” and is obviously irrational when one finds such a policy applied to the globalist likes of Hillary (Body Count) Clinton.  It is not anatomy which counts but basic ideology, beliefs and record.  That is why we have rational discussions which should be based on facts and evidence. The foundational principles upon which one should build ones world view around should not include gender. Gender is not subject to intentional action and only those elements which we can choose via rational analysis should be the basis for our choices. The “Vagina Argument” is valid only insofar as we live, generally speaking, in a patriarchal epoch. This milieu is largely based on the gender roles inherited from many millennia of practical development, mainly predicated and sculpted by war, and benefiting both genders. One could argue that the ultimate sacrifice of the warrior is a matriarchal elevation much like the hive has the protection of the queen as its highest priority. This however, remains unacknowleged by the third wave feminists.

Islam is not as their advertising slogan promotes, “The Religion of Peace”.  “The Religion of Pieces” would be much more appropriate were the slogan based on facts and evidence instead of the post 911 PR myth currently in vogue.  Islam is an unreformed medieval political / religious philosophy whose name means “submit!” and whose every action has global dominance as its goal.  Neither murder, lying, slavery, rape, pedophilia or genocide is outside of their Prophets’  rules of behavior. It is literally a totalitarian system in that it acknowledges no equal or superior power in any of the four realms of society.

If you are “outside the House of Islam” you are Haram.  Dirty, unclean, unbelieving and all methods are sanctioned to change your mind,up to and even killing you or your children hideously.

There is a comprehensive global plan currently afoot which is supported by the Cabal (hidden global players) which uses Islam as a weapon to destabilize the current national powers. There is abundant evidence that the €U was planned as a mechanism to supplant the national powers of Europe with the centralized, non-elected and anti democratic Tyrants based in Brussels. They use lies of omission and hidden subsidies to weaken national cohesion and law. The distancing of power from the individual is always a step towards tyranny and I will write more on this in greater detail in another piece.

The people entrusted with our hard won democracies are precisely those who are responsible for actively destroying them. Why are they acting, not only as apologists for Islamic Terrorism, but an advocates for them?

So, back to you “men”, men of the west who are passively awaiting orders from your panted wives or other false maternal icons. Turn off the football game, win your boys back from the feminazis, set legitimate moral and ethical limits for your sons and daughters. If you do not take charge of the maleable minds entrusted to you, Bill Gates, Marc Zuckerberg, The bilderberg Group, The Council on Foreign Relations, Islam and MANY MANY others are ready willing and able to take charge and enslave them in countless ways.

Men! Dig deep into what is left of your legacy. Look to the future happiness of your children. If enslavement to an ice cold technocracy is appealing to you I doubt you would have read so far as you have. Whether conservative or genuinely liberal, see through the mechanisms of control, mental, societal and spiritual which are meant to erode your individuality and rebel, resist and react like real men. Each act of resistance will make you stronger and each act will win you genuine respect. Not the milky respect of a cuckold.


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