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Google’s Attack on Free Speech and

One of the greatest advantages to being awake to the dangers of the global Technocracy is that one can see, in real time, as it is happening, the unfolding of history. It is not required that one refer to any authority other than the internal compass of truth which we all possess but which is attenuated by indoctrination and exposure to the control systems.

Google, for all its benefits, is the epitome and distillation of these systems of control. It is important to know, not only that it does not have your best interests in mind, but rather it is working diligently against your best interests.

We are watching one of these real time events unfolding right now with Google’s ban on and’s ban on access to the advertising income stream it has been using sucessfully for years.

Google is working hand in glove with intelligence agencies and duplicitous politicians to end free speech, our most fundamental right, by dividing speech into different categories. It is the same tactic of “divide et impera”, or divide and rule, which is employed in politics to leverage the human tendency to tribalism to incite infighting. This attenuates the power of the masses which allows us to be manipulated at will. (and many many others) was removed from the internet by Google. No hearing, no trial, only Judge Roy Bean justice. The same goes for many on YouTube, a Google daughter company. Users with opinions differing from the technocratic globalist agenda have been massively demonetized. This is a direct attack on free speech. Everyone should be against this type of action but predictably, the left finds it excellent due to their lack of foundational principles if not thorough lack of principles altogether.

These decisions are not made nor based upon any written policy. These actions are content based and thus discriminatory. The reasons are seldom named and never rationally and universally applied. GooTube will block someone with a legitimate if harmless argument whose opinion differs from that of the politicalcorporotocracy while allowing violent threats and outright illegal threats which happen to further their own agendas. This is real discrimination and on a massive scale.

Such decisions are made by secret person or committee, not a universally applied algorithm, and this fact exposes their motive. Google is in a very, very privileged position as the number one search machine in the WORLD. It did not achieve this exalted position through free enterprise alone, it was aided by the intelligence budgets whose bursers saw early on the potential for mass control such technologies provide.

Aside from the huge commercial advantages it sells for billions every day via its proprietary ad service, Google also abuses its position to compile enormous and detailed dossiers on every person who uses the internet. They have proven themselves time and again as unworthy fiduciaries. From the scandals arising from their Google cars hacking private home DSL routers to abusing differences in international legal jurisdictions to avoid paying taxes they are like most corporations not hemmed in by a moral codex but rather the bottom line. With Google, though, the dangers are far more insidious and threatening. They actually have a public agenda which should scare the piss out of anyone who believes in humanity.

Google’s recent technology director, Regina Dugan, was previously with DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. She has now moved on to Facebook in a toxic revolving door dance between the military industrial security complex and their evil spawn in the technology sector. Despite Googles now obsolete motto, “Don’t be Evil” it should be clear to anyone with eyes that evil is their only fundamental belief. There is negative morality and ethics at play here. This is not capitalism but rather “crony capitalism” and resembles the technical definition of fascism (melding state and corporate power) much more than it does capitalism. The playing field is tilted and the inevitable benefits are accruing to the monster companies who collect benefits and advantages unfairly and illegally.

They state is gathering evidence on each one of us 24/7 for crimes we have not yet been charged with. Most likely they don’t even know who you are yet but it doesn’t matter. This is happening in the private sector to an equally shocking degree. Big data and the merging of enormous numbers of databases allows unimaginable insight into you personal life. With concepts such as paralell construction any person could be charged anytime with any number of crimes without any hint of due process. This process is invisible and unfollowable, all it requires is an aggressive prosecutor and opaque cooperation between invisible parties.

They are slowly filling up the petabytes of disk storage in Utah and Texas with every byte you send and receive and on the day that you cross any line which they suspect runs afoul of their nefarious goals, your file will be pulled.

You will be thrown in a privatized GMO dungeon and anyone you ever loved will be discouraged from communicating with you.

Privacy is gone and we have given it away ourselves.

Trump has hopefully absorbed this lesson and will begin stripping the “17 intelligence agencies” of their illegal powers.
That illegal pestilence must be ended actively as it is far more persistent than any elected personality or public whim.

The enemy is real and the enemy is active and the enemy will not stop on its own. If you cower you will be eaten, if you fight in every way you can you may be eaten but you will take down some of the enemy.

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